Gsm Skimmer

So you have seen an atm skimmer for sale or a GSM Skimmer and you’re wondering if its real or not? You might have even been tempted to buy one and think, i could get the data from an ATM. You may well have actually purchased one, only to discover that it was fake or never sent out to you. Well we are going to try and present some of the truth about these devices. If you don’t know what an gsm skimmer is, take a look at this link.

Is it a real GSM Skimmer?

You may have seen the first device advertised as a GSM Skimmer, labelled as the S-3812A. This is seen on many websites, and retails anywhere from 1000-4000 dollars. Emailing the websites that sell this skimmer, i get the usual replies of “can be purchased from the websites” or  “Hey Bro, you asking for too much info” etc. Have you had these sort of replies?

If you’re still after an atm skimmer which works on GSM, and before you set your hearts on buying one, ask yourself some basic questions first, like,

  • How does it work?
  • How does it connect to a computer?
  • How do I get the data from it?
  • Is it a real gsm data receiver?

So with the first device we will show you, is the S-3812A receiver. Just looking at the circuit board without the case on we see a digital readout, so whats that for is the first question? And the second question you should be asking, which connectors does it use to get the data out to a computer?

So with the channel readout, how would you even select the channels with a simple readout such as the 2 digit red led display. Gsm frequencies / channels are a lot more complicated than just requiring 2 digits, so that’s the first hint we have that this is fake.

Looking at the bottom of the circuit board, do those look like any type of usb connector, doesn’t to me. Look like some sort of 2 pin headphone type of connector. So no usb to connect to a computer then.

3rd connector at the is a power connector.

See what youtube has to say about this supplier.

gsm skimmer

Atm Skimmer or gsm data receiver.

Last point, you always see these types of so called gsm data receiver bare and not in a case. Why? So you can’t identify them, that’s why! Well guess what, it’s not a GSM skimmer at all, because it’s a drone audio visual receiver. How do we know that, well look at the following photos.


atm skimmer for sale    gsm data receiver   are gsm skimmers real

This fake atm skimmer turns out to be a RC232 drone receiver, which does not receive on the GSM bands. Look at the connections at the bottom, 2 audio/video and 1 power connection, and the channel display exactly in the right place. All they do is remove the cover, so you don’t know what device you are buying. Look carefully and match everything up, even the channel change buttons are in the right place, and wait, how does it connect to a computer, well it can’t, no usb port!! Buy this, and go fly a drone, you will have more fun.

This advertised s-3812a is defiantly a complete fake not a gsm data receiver.

Now we come to another variant on the above, the 2 antenna drone receiver, almost the same as above, just with 2 antenna’s.

atm skimmer        s3812a  s3812a-       are gsm skimmers real

So another drone receiver, this time labelled as the RD945, where’s the usb port, it does not have one, just the usual audio/visual outputs.Look at the details, little led’s in the right place, connections at the bottom, no usb port, channels buttons to change channels, not on GSM of course. And again out of the box, so you cannot identify it. Completely fake.

s3812a- s3812a-

The 2 devices above are completely FAKE. I have seen them advertised for between 1000$ to 6000$. DON’T GET FOOLED.

Antenna Connection?

Next photo shows a computer usb cable supposedly connected to the receiver board, but wait, the photo is shot in such a way, as to show it not actually connected to the receiver, it goes out of the screen so you can’t see it. Its actually shows it’s connected to the power port instead. It’s not actually connected to the antenna port. Take a look, use you’re common sense.

s3812a-gsm-atm-skimmer-2 long range antenna-6

The 2 receivers are totally fake atm skimmers, wrong frequency, wrong ports, wrong everything, don’t get conned. Don’t pay the money for these fake devices.

Another atm skimmer for sale.

The next atm skimmer for sale,  is shown is the little green pcb board below. This looks nothing like the one above. So lets try and identify it!

gsm atm receiver-1 gsm atm receiver-2 gsm atm receiver-3

Have a look at the long number on the board. Any guesses as to what this is? Well the model number starting with 2052500550 gives us a clue!!

gsm atm receiver-4


Surprise, its actually a TP link Wifi adapter retailing for just 20$, not a GSM skimmer at all. Just a standard wifi with a simple antenna and a usb port. Nothing more.

gsm atm receiver-5 gsm atm receiver-6

If you had purchased this so-called gsm data receiver, it would be great for connecting  to a wifi network, that’s about all, but for connecting to GSM, forget it. If you thought this was an atm skimmer for sale, you would be completely wrong

So there we have it. A tp-link WN722N valued at 20$ and a s3812A drone receiver. Both working at different frequencies other than GSM, both fake gsm skimmers.

Do yourself a favour, don’t pay the money and get conned!!